Bento FLEET MASTER 15W 40 is an Ultra High Performance Diesel engine (UHPD) oil designed to meet the most severe performance requirements of the latest high output, low emission European diesel engines including those equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) after treatment system. Formulated with fully synthetic base oils and superior additive to provide the highest diesel engine performance levels.


  • Naturally aspirated and turbocharged high speed, four-stroke diesel engines.
  • All automative diesel engines • High speed diesel engines equipped with EGR.
  • Commercial road transport in light, medium and heavy-duty service.
  • Off-highway vehicles.
  • All construction and earthmoving equipment.
  • Stop & Go vehicles in high soot loading services.


  • Extra Soot dispersancy keeps fuel soot in suspension; avoid filter plugging, oil thickening and abrasive polishing wear.
  • Exceptional oxidation stability at high temperature, and soot control minimizes degradation sludge formation and oil thickening, consequently longer drain intervals.
  • Fuel economy due to superior group III base stocks.
  • Multipurpose oil for old and new engines, including engines equipped with EGR.

Product Characteristic