Bento SUPER SYNTHETIC GF5 is a high performance lubricant using fully synthetic technology, specially developed for Gasoline and Diesel car engines, meeting and complying with the requirements of the latest direct injection engines and conventional engines as well.


  • Recommended for all Gasoline and Diesel engines in cars and light industrial vehicles.
  • All turbocharged and multi-valved engines.
  • Suitable for most severe operating conditions, on highways, dense city traffic & in extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable & exceeds the performences requirements of most European, Japanese and American car manufacturers.


  • Suitable for use in air-cooled and water-cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines .
  • High thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Reduced spark plug fouling prolongs the spark plug life.
  • Very good exhaust port and piston cleanliness through controlled ash and carbon deposits thereby maintaining combustion efficiency and protection against power loss.

Product Characteristic