Bento TORQUE 4T is a premium performance, shear-stable, multi-grade gasoline engine oil specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycles and portable power equipment requiring API SL JASO MA/MA2 Lubricants, including high output engines operating in severe service.

BENTO TORQUE 2T quality two-stroke engine oil formulated from high quality, high refined mineral oils and balanced addictives to provide enhanced protection. These high performance oils are specially blended for all two-stroke gasoline engines in automative, industrial and agricultural applications. These oils are specifically designed for engines requiring JASO FB/ISO-L-EGB level performance lubricants.


  • Air and liquid-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines.
  • Motorcycles with and without oil immersed clutches, combined engine/transmission units or separate gear boxes, where a multi-grade engine oil is specified and motorcycles with back torque limiters
  • Suitable for Motorcycles with exhaust catalytic converters.
  • Latest generation, four-stroke scooter engines
  • Four-stroke gasoline engines fitted to portable power equipment, such as generators, mowers, etc.


  • Prolongs engine life with anti-wear additive system.
  • Saves on maintenance due to high oxidation stability.
  • Resists oil breakdown under severe heat.
  • Effective detergent/dispersant additive system ensures excellent control of piston ring deposits for very good power release and acceleration.
  • Correct frictional characteristics enable smooth operation of wet clutches and back torque limiters.
  • Shear stable VI additive minimizes thinning, and resists breakdown under high stresses for protection in both start-up and during high temperature operation.
  • Superior anti-wear properties protecting the engine's most sensitive parts

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