BENTO AIRCOMP Series has been developed to meet the latest changes in air compressor designs, resulting in increased capacity and efficiency. It is formulated from a high-grade base stock with a narrow distillation range, containing specially selected additives, which enhance lubricity, anti-wear properties, and protect compressor parts against rust. It is designed to lubricate both cylinders and crankcases. It minimizes carbon and sludge deposits, thereby extending time between service intervals for cleaning valves, ports and intercoolers.


  • ENTO AIRCOMP Series is specially suited for Single-stage reciprocating compressors up to 125 PSI, Two-stage reciprocating compressors up to 300 PSI & Multi-stage reciprocating compressor after break-in with air discharge temperature up to 220 c.


  • Longer intervals between cleaning of valves, heat exchangers ports and piping ensures lower maintenance cost.
  • Less carbon and deposit formation reduces fire and explosion hazards.
  • Single oil, lubricates cylinders and crankcase.
  • Suitable for both large and small compressor.

Product Characteristic