BENTO TURBI PRIME Series are high quality, inhabited oils. These products are formulated with Group III synthetic base stocks having high VI, which is further enhanced by the addition of oxidation inhibitors for exceptional thermal & oxidation stability, together with specially selected additives that gives effective deposit control & keep the system clean. These inhibitors provide resistance to thermal degradation over long periods of time in the presence of entrained air and catylyzing metals. BENTO TURBI PRIME exhibit good demulsibility, permitting water and other containments separate from oil in the system reservoir.


  • BENTO TURBI PRIME are designed for use in water, steam and gas turbines, bearing lubrication and system cooling where oil requirements include a long operating life and rust protection, good water separation and air release characteristics. They are also suited for high-speed gear units and other applications requiring high quality rust and oxidation inhibited type oil.


  • Superior oxidation stability.
  • Effective protection against air entertainment and good air release properties.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion over extended periods.
  • Efficient demulsibility for rapid separation of water.

Product Characteristic