BENTO THERM MX is Heat Transfer Oil formulated from premium quality synthetic base oil, intended for use in oil-sealed, closed,open & indirected heat transfer and cooling systems. It has excellent heat transfer efficiency with better resistance to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. Posses high specific heat and thermal conductivity at operating temperature which allows rapid heating & greater system flexiblity. Easy pumpability with stable flash point.


  • BENTO THERM MX heat transfer oil can be used in open & closed system in line with bulk oil temperature ranges as given in the table. BENTO THERM MX heat transfer oil should not be mixed with other oils, as it may weaken the thermal resistance and oxidation stability, which may cause a change in other properties, and effect the Oils useful life..


  • Provides significant resistance to thermal cracking and chemical decomposition ensuring less sludge formation and coke deposits, resulting in minimum interference with heat transfer ability, Thus reducing equipment down time.
  • Long service life with minimum deposit formative or viscosity increase.
  • Less acidity compare to conventional heat transfer oil.
  • Provides good low temperature fluidity.
  • High heat transfer rates reducing operating cost.
  • Protect against corrosion.
  • Flexible for combine heating and cooling cycles.

Product Characteristic