BENTO SUPER REFRIGERATION OIL Series is high-quality nephthenic mineral oils blended for lubrication of reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors. It has have good oxidation stability, extreme low pour point, good demulsibility and excellent anti foaming properties. It is characterized by a low Freon R-12 Floc point.


  • BENTO SUPER REFRIGERATION OIL Series is suitable for most types of refrigerants (except sulfur dioxide) and in all types of refrigeration systems. BENTO SUPER REFRIGERATION OIL Series cover almost the entire range of modern refrigeration compressor requirements down to an operating Evaporation temperature of -62c.


  • Effective oxidation resistance.
  • Good anti foaming properties.
  • Resistance to wax deposit formation.
  • Minimal compressor valve maintenance.
  • Sustained high condenser efficiency.
  • Extreme Low Floc Point.

Product Characteristic